Lisa Madison RN , Nurse in Dayton Ohio

A fellow nurse told me about Bed Bug Eliminator. She said that it was the best stuff out there and every nurse should have it with if they are doing home visits and going into homes with bed bugs. She was right! I wont do a home visit without it. Thanks

Dr Julian Waite, Trusted Heathcare

Going into Homes that might have bed bugs can be scary and as a visiting physician I needed protection for both me and my homecare time. Bed bug Eliminator provides that protection.

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Safe, Natural, and Effective Protection Against Bed Bugs

Ace Bed Bug Eliminator works by forming a protective barrier around you whenever you enter a potentially bed bug infested area. 

Bed bugs can live anywhere—even the White House. And once an infestation occurs, bed bugs can be difficult to get rid of. A few contributing factors to this include that a female bed bug can lay between 200-250 eggs in her lifetime, as well as that adult bed bugs can sometimes live for up to a year between feedings. 

Our protective spray is the perfect solution to repel and destroy bed bugs in dressing rooms, airplanes, subway cars, hotels, movie theaters, Airbnb rentals, schools, hospitals, libraries, homes, and anywhere else these unwanted pests might be found. 

Our proprietary blend of natural, eco-friendly ingredients was formulated by a military veteran and registered nurse in response to a growing bed bug problem here at home and overseas. Bed Bug Eliminator is free from DEET and other harsh chemicals, so it’s completely safe for use around infants, kids, seniors, and pets, and it isn’t harmful to the environment, either. 

Our product is widely used by healthcare and homecare workers, military personnel, hotel and retail employees, parents, teachers, real estate agents, travelers, campers, and many others. 

We stand behind our product 100%. If you aren’t totally satisfied, we’re happy to refund your purchase.

Pricing includes FREE SHIPPING within continental U.S.

Bed Bug Eliminator – 3.3 oz $12.45

Flea and Tick Eliminator $12.45

Orders for the Flea and Tick Eliminator will be filled after June 20th! An “early bird” discount of 10% off will be applied if ordered on or before June 20th!

Mosquito Eliminator $12.45