Lisa Madison RN , Nurse in Dayton Ohio

A fellow nurse told me about Bed Bug Eliminator. She said that it was the best stuff out there and every nurse should have it with if they are doing home visits and going into homes with bed bugs. She was right! I wont do a home visit without it. Thanks

Dr Julian Waite, Trusted Heathcare

Going into Homes that might have bed bugs can be scary and as a visiting physician I needed protection for both me and my homecare time. Bed bug Eliminator provides that protection.

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Be Bed Bug Free, Wherever You Go!

Ace Bed Bug Eliminator was formulated by a former Air Force medic and registered nurse
with over 20 years of healthcare experience. This formula is a natural, eco-friendly protective
solution that kills or repels bed bugs wherever you go.

This DEET-free, proprietary blend of natural and environmentally-safe ingredients is used across the
United States by healthcare and homecare workers, military personnel, hotel employees, parents,
travelers, campers, and anyone who may be worried about the threat of bed bugs. 

Simply spray your clothing and belongings with this personal protective spray before entering and
upon leaving any potentially bed bug infested area, such as a house, hotel, Airbnb rental, movie
theater, subway car, or airplane to keep bed bugs from coming home with you.

Absent of harsh or harmful chemicals, this spray is safe to use around infants, children, seniors, and pets.

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